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stage before he formally announced about whether he was the right candidate. i think they will learn how competitive president obama is, and how he was prepared to run in essence a totally different kind of campaign in 2012 and he ran in 2008. and i think the other thing that people will take away from this is the degree to which 2012 if us a window into the politics of the future. ..
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>> and then was asked, you know, how much maternity leave do you want to take, and she said basically none, like the fact that such women exist, it's not the way i would do -- i mean, i took plenty of maternity leave. but i, but i feel like that is a growing number, you know, that is a kind of woman that there can be space for. and the fact that there are some stay at home dads who are very happy and who do not all entirely live in portland, oregon, you know, that is okay too. >> we're the only national television network devoted exclusively to nonfiction books, and lout the fall we're marking -- throughout the fall we're marking 15 years of booktv on c-span2. >> next on booktv, in a collection of essays, david horowitz recounts his transition from a proponent of the political left to one of its critics. this is about an hour.
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>> we are here today to celebrate the release of the first two volumes of david horowitz's "the black book of the american left." these books trace david's journey from red diaper baby to the founding of the new left and then his abandonment of the progressive mission ultimately to convert to being a man of the right. this collection of david's writings follows his unique journey and offers incredible insights into how the left operates, rewriting history, championing totalitarian regimes, cheering for america's enemies and doing everything they can to disrupt and undermine the american system. this is a story that only can be told by someone who has walked on both sides of the political aisle. thankfully for us, that person has had the courage to take the
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arrows that have been raping down upon him for -- raining down upon him for decades. ladies and gentlemen, i give you david horowitz. [applause] >> thank you. thank you all for coming out. harold mcmillan, who this room is old enough to remember, the prime minister of england and at the end of his long career he was interviewed by a reporter who asked him, mr. mcmillan, what's the most difficult thing that you had to handle as a politician? what was most difficult about your political career? and mcmillan said, events. [laughter] and that's, that's because events are the unexpected, are often the unexpected.
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i never thought that i would be standing here today as a conservative with a book, actually, a series of volumes about a movement that is running our country and ruining it, the progressive so-called left. my parents were members of the communist party, card-carrying. which means they were part of a vast international conspiracy that was, indeed, orchestrated from moscow, and they were attempting to or their goal was to create a soviet america. of course, hay didn't call themselves communists -- they didn't call themselves communists, i never heard them use that word. they called themselves progressives. my mother was also a registered democrat.
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over the course of the last 40 years, the communist progressive left that i grew up in had moved into the democratic party. it started with the mcgovern campaign and today sits in the white house and runs the democratic party. now, i know when you say, oh, the democrats, they're communist s, people will look at you and say this guy is an extremist. he's a relic. actually, i was called a relic by a harvard professor in "the new york times" for noticing that there's an alliance between the radical left in america and the islamo-fascists that professor feldman is an apologist for them, not surprising. but it wasn't as though "the new
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york times" identified him that way. [laughter] valerie jarrett and david axlerod are obama's two key advisers; one's his political campaign manager, and jarrett manages everything else. barack obama, valerie jarrett, david axlerod all were born into the same communist left that i was, all trained in the communist left, all graduated to the new left which was formed by red diaper babies like myself with the same political agendas. and they've never left it. and how do i know that? because i'm someone who did leave. and i will tell you, if you are part of a movement that you come to understand is destructive and deceitful, the first thing you want to do when you get out is to repudiate it and to warn other people about it.
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ask they, of course -- and they, of course, haven't. but this is a mentality. you have to understand, as i say, my parents called themselves progressives. leftists may be delusional, but they're not stupid. so they understand that you don't telegraph your agendas, because it will turn people off. when i was young, stalin was alive. the slogan of the american communist party was -- it wasn't soviet dictatorship or the proletariat, take away the wealth and distribute it to our friends. their slogan was peace, jobs and democracy. there is a guru of the left named saul olin sky. people are pretty familiar with him by now, a machiavellian who
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said, i mean, there's one message of the book which is don't telegraph your agendas. lie. that's if you want to introduce a comprehensive, state-run health care system otherwise known as communism. what you do is, first of all, you call it single-payer as though that's a very benign thing. it's not benign if the state controls everybody's access to health care. can decide what kind of health care you can get, what you can't and knows all of your financial and health information. that's a totalitarian state right there. secondly, you don't sell it as a totalitarian system, you sell it as we're going to insure the up insured. -- uninsured. and, of course, you all are probably by now familiar with the fact that obama care is not going to insure the uninsured.
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there will be 30 be million uninsured people when it's over if there aren't 300 million uninsured people when it, hopefully, collapses. not too long ago ruth bader ginsburg, who is an extreme left-wing idealogue on the supreme court who had, only four republicans voted not to confirm this idealogue and who is never referred to as a left-wing idealogue but that's what she is, not too long ago recommended to the muslim brotherhood which was then thanks to obama running egypt, the muslim brotherhood, an organization whose spiritual leader has called, in so many words, for the slaughtering of jews. ruth bader ginsburg's advice to them when they were getting a
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constitution or a fake constitution since the muslim brother with hood has a pot toe, the quran is our constitution, that's their constitution. anyway, she was advising them, and she said i wouldn't recommend the american constitution. supreme court justice. i wouldn't recommend the american constitution, it's kind of old. i wish i was making this up. it's kind of old. i would recommend something like the south african constitution. the south african constitution is the stalin constitution sort of, you know, brought up-to-date. the idea of rights, our founders' idea of rights or limits to government. the bill of rights is all what congress can't do, what the government can't do. it protects the individual. the rights that we have that are positive rights are given by our
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creator, nature's guide so enshrined in the declaration. and why did they say that? because if a government gives you rights, it can take them away. this constitution is perfectly orwellian. i mean, first of all, it guarantees the right to an environment free of violence. madison called this kind of right a paper right. you know? it's like the stalin constitution, it'll never be fulfilled. south africa today, its murder rate is seven times what the murder rate in the united states is. it's the rape capital of the world. and, of course, the left -- which destroyed the previous regime which was not an apartheid regime -- which destroyed that has completely abandoned south africa. that's what the left does. it goes along, it gets everybody
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excited about the new world that's coming, and then it leaves disaster in its wake. in that constitution it says discrimination is unfair unless it is established that discrimination is fair. that's a direct quote. [laughter] did i mention george orwell? property rights. you have the right to property unless the government decides that it's a universal good, they need to take it away from you. that's in the constitution. it's a communist constitution, and it was written by communists. but now, the most important thing is not that ruth bader ginsburg, an extreme leftist, has these views. it's that where are the objections there her so-called liberal colleagues? nobody's objecting. nobody. you say, well, how can you call
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liberals and progressives communists? they're not suppressing free speech. well, i have to tell you a conservative on a university faculty is as rare as a unicorn. [laughter] they have suppressed free speech. they've wiped it out this our university -- in our universities. oh, people think, yeah, it's all free. yeah, you're free to have this left-wing opinion or this liberal opinion, and be you're a conservative, you're free to be harassed and punished by your professor ors if you have conservative opinions. that's the state of our universities today. i conducted a seven-year campaign on the simple principle that where there's a controversial issue in a classroom, the professor should present two sides in a fair-minded way and let the students make up their minds. that was my whole proposal. and books on both sides. for this i was tarred ask feathered across -- and deatherred across the country. the left-wing prof soruate rose up in arms to condemn me.
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there were demonstrations against me wherever i went. that's the state of our country today. so what is this left and what makes it tick? why does it think the way it thinks? or how does it think? the first thing to know about the left is that it believes that people are good at heart, that we are born free be can that it's -- free and that it's society that's the problem and that society creates ip equality -- inequality, society creates greed, society creates the whole range of social problems. this idea was first articulated in the modern age by russo -- that this is what they believe. man is born free but is
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everywhere in chains. this is an idiotic statement. if you just think about it for a second. i mean, a baby is not free. it's completely dependent. a baby is not a cooperative person, a moral person like young people. if you put two infants, 2-year-olds, in a room with a bunch of toys and close the door, you're going to hear screams coming from that room, what, five minutes. we wouldn't -- if people were naturally moral, we wouldn't need morality. we wouldn't need laws. people are not moral. conservatives understand that we are the problem. the root cause of social problems is us. how -- you know, you have to ask yourself how can you, as progressives do, think that government can be a progressive force? government -- slavery, that was
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government. segregation, that was government. and, of course, the whole totalitarian system was done by government. because what is a human being when they get into a position of power? it's the same human being that that you want to six but now wields all this -- to fix but now wields all this power. however, there's something very important that flows from this delusion, and it is a delusion. and this is why, again, what flows from the delusion is this, let me not -- i don't want to -- i have a tendency todigress. i'm not going to try todigress. if you believe that social institutions are the source of problems, then by changing social institutions, you will change human beings and the way they behave, correct? ask what will you -- and what
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will you bring about? you'll bring about the millennium. you'll bring about a kingdom of heaven on earth. no poverty, no racism, no sexism, there'll be no be war. well, if you believe that, then you also think that all that stands in the way of a perfect world where everybody is going to have enough, everybody's going to get adequate health care, everybody's going to get fed. if you believe that all you have to do is change social institutions, then what do you think of the people who think a that's not such a great idea, that it's not going to work, that you still will have the problem of people and their corruption and their mendacity? i mean, here we have a president of the united states who's a habitual liar. should be a lesson to everybody that government is a serious problem in itself. however, if you are progressive,
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you think anybody who has questions about the wisdom of moving forward with this grand plan to redeem the world is evil, and that's the way they treat republicans and conservatives. you are evil. we rollives are the army -- progressives are the army of the saints, and you republicans and conservatives are the party of satan. and i mean that literally. it's the identical mentality of hellfire and damnation preachers. and that's why they character assassinate their opponents. the democrats have really one weapon. when it comes to election time, destroy republicans. treat -- paint them as enemies of women, children, minorities, the poor. evil people. evil people. that is the democratic mantra.
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the republicans are evil, and don't let anybody forget it. if the republicans are elected, they'll burn black churches and just go on and on with their line. it happens in every election, and republicans' kind of jaws drop. can't believe they're doing that. [laughter] you better believe it, because it comes from this core belief that people really naturally are cooperative, get together, honest, hard working. it's, you know, as i say, you know, maybe i've just spent too many years as a conservative. it just seems to me who many his right mind -- who in his right mind could believe this, but they do. but they do. and that's what motivates them to attack the way they attack. the second thing to understand about people on the left, that's
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progressives -- so called liberals. i hate the world liberal because they're bigoted, they're unscrupulous, there's nothing liberal ant democrats and -- about democrats and progressives. they're just not liberals. they hate. they demonize particularly white people, christians, increasingly jews. and, of course, people wolf earned -- who have earned their living. people who make money. that's -- they actually don't hate people who -- they all want to be filthy rich. obama's going to be a million their shortly. the new governor of virginia head whatever he's made, 25, $50 million many politics. they all want the money for themselves because think they are the saviors of the world. that's the way they see themselves, their -- they're the
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army of the saints. of course, i deserve it. i know what's better more you or best for you. that's their mentality. the second fundamental in addition to thinking that people are good and society is the problem, government is the solution. they're future-oriented. this is very, very important, and is i don't think any conservative can you understandn this their bones the way i do having once been a leftist. future oriented. what i would say a normal way of looking at human affairs is to look at the past and see what worked, what doesn't work, how people have behaved for thousands of years and what the limits then that you can accomplish, how much can you change things. have people changed this -- in
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3,000 years? don't believe it. how could we read the iliad, how could you read the bible and relate to the people in it if people have changed? people haven't changed. this is the same stories for 3,000 years, you know? the technology changes, so there are aspects that change, but fundamental people's greed, tear lust, cain killing abel, i mean, we see this among republicans today. [laughter] so people don't change. so it's now the conservative view. i mean, our country has moved polarized in this way, and we now have a left, a senate left which we never had before. but, you know, when the founders got together, i mean, you know, whatever their politics they all had this common sense. this framing a constitution -- in framing a constitution, we're going to look at the past, the history of monarchies, the
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history of aristocracies, the history of democracies. and today thought a democracy is -- you know, they thought like churchill. it's the worst system except for all the others. and they were very fearful of a democracy because they saw that people are swept up in passions, and if the majority rules, it's going to horde it over -- lord it over the minority, tyrannize the minority and crush them. that's why they put in the checks and balances and the limits. progressives don't look at the past. if today did, they would never have dreamed up obamacare. [laughter] for crying out tears, you know? socialized medicine has failed for the last 70 years. central planning. that's what the soviet union was about. there are libraries of books about its failures and why it can't possibly work. and yet they rammed through this centralized system, and now it's, you know, it's coming back
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to haunt them. but how could an intelligent person, as i say, these are not stupid people. but how can an intelligent person think that you can have a centrally-planned health care system that works? ah, if -- anyway. progressives don't look at the past. they look at the past to discard it. that's why they all talk about a living constitution. it's an old document, the constitution. well, people don't change. so, yeah, it needs, you know, there are new technologies, and there are all kinds of problems like that. but the fundamental, the fundamental core reality of human beings and their societies don't change. that's why the constitution even though it was written a long time ago is still the wisest political document ever written, and, you know, we are abandoning it as we are at our peril.
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what progressives look at is the future. you know? we -- well, look, there's all these, all these children who aren't learning in schools. let's increase the hours of the bad schools. we'll have these bad teachers teaching them longer, and then they'll -- [laughter] we're spending billions of dollars on these early school programs that test after test shows don't work with. because it's, obviously, it's not just the school. but the future, so they have a future where everybody is -- we're going to throw money at poor people, and that's going to headache them just like middle class people. no, it's not. that's the problem. it's not. but their future in which there's perfect equality, there's no war with, there's no
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poverty is imaginary. a difference between the past and the future, the past you can make a mistake and analyze it. but it actually happened, and there's actually records. the future is a fantasy. it's a delusion. and it's the core belief of everybody on the left. that there is this golden future if we can just get enough power and enough money to achieve it. i still have this vision of nancy pelosi on the day they got obamacare through beaming and saying, first, we've got -- was it social security? and i think, bankrupt with. then we got medicare. bankrupt. and now we're going to quadruple down on obamacare. what? [laughter] what could she have been thinking?
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what she's thinking is that this is the cornerstone of the socialist future which is what she believes in. that, you know, everything else fails was we didn't get enough money. we couldn't extract enough money because of these evil republicans who are anti-taxation. it's an imagination future, and that's what makes it so dangerous. these people are pumped up on their own, they're intoxicated by their own self-righteousness at bringing about the wonderful world which all you and all republicans and conservatives are determined to prevent from happening, and that's the only obstacle to them. we, human beings, are the root cause of all social problems and all government problems as well. if human beings weren't so screwed up in their way, like
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lying. it's not hard to lie, is it? so everybody sort of does it. there are innocent -- they do the fib, it smooths things over. then when power's at stake and when, you know, wonderful goods are at stake, the lies grow, and they grow, and they grow, and they grow. until you have a president who 36 times told the american people you can keep your health care. we're not going to take your plan away. lie! knowing he was lying. why did he lie? because as we build a socialist future be, it's going to to be so good, we just have to get over this hump, so any lie that serves it will be good. the more beautiful the idea, the nobler the cause, the greater the crimes you are willing to commit. if you could actually have a world where there was no war, no poverty, on and on, all these things eliminated, what lie
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wouldn't you -- would you not tell and what crime would you not commit? and that's why progress is if -- progressives in power killed 100 million people in peacetime. this is not just like hitler did in war. in peacetime progressives killed over 100 million people across the communist world. lenin did not come to power saying i'm going to create gulags, put tens of millions of people in slave labor camps and slaughter others. that's not what -- he said peace, land, bread. he had a vision of the beautiful future that marx had promised. that's what he had a vision of, and that's what caused him to be offen evil -- such an evil individual as he was. ..
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is justified either future. your allegiance to the future causes you to be alienated from your country. and that's uncertain loyalty to country is condemning in the democratic party. and i'm sorry to say republicans let them get away with this all the time. we lost thousands of young men and women to keep iraq, to take
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it personal from a monster tyrants, mass graves with 300,000 bodies in it. and to keep iraq from being part of the islamofascism nexus. to keep iraq independent and relatively free. obama betrayed every single american who lost their life in iraq without keeping an american base in 20,000 american troops as the joint chiefs wanted. we spent over a trillion dollars in iraq and we got nothing. and all those deluded, mendacious leftists who kept saying, no blood for oil. we are to the oil go? it went to china.
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america did this out of a great goodness that is this country, made the sacrifices. and obama tossed it out the window and not a single republican said, mr. president, he had betrayed every american who gave their life in this country. and effort to do this has allowed obama also to do this in benghazi. there's no more shameful act in history of the american presidency than obama taking a phone call learning at the beginning of a seven our battle that americans were fighting for their lives in benghazi, hanging up the phone and going to bed and off to las vegas for a fundraiser with beyoncé. and hillary is just as guilty. in fact, that she's as popular as she is, you know, in the polls would beat any republican,
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that should make every republican ashamed that they haven't thought the political battle. but how do they give this mentality? how can you betray your countrymen like that? because they have a negative view of their country and i don't care how many times obama says this is the greatest country, that's all political baloney for public consumption. you look at his deeds. he's empowered. please give an f-16 jets, he gave billions of dollars, he gave political cover and support the muslim brotherhood which is a nasty party of the middle east. that's who they are. roosevelt had funded hitler and sent him airplanes in the 1930s. that's what -- and while the democrats protesting this? there are none. and that should frighten every american. we have some heroic republicans
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who are trying to bring benghazi to the floor and bring these issues. we need national leaders like this. it's a completely taboo subject, the uncertain loyalty of the democratic party. we have a secretary of state who is a traitor to this country. i'm saying something who is an antiwar movement in the '60s and who saw what we did, what we did and because the united states believe the war and two-and-a-half million, two-and-a-half million indochinese peasants were slaughtered. john kerry was worse than that. it's one thing to be deluded and you oppose their country because that's a noble thing to do, we should not be thinking that way. patriotism is noble. not the trail. but john kerry did much worse
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than it did under in -- he pretended their atrocities that he never saw and were not committed in order to dampen in the eyes of the world. and now he's delivering nuclear weapons to iran under the guidance of peace. this is as much peace as chamberlain brought back. the iranians haven't given up a reactive examined and one thing for announcement today that, you know, we concluded a deal that we're going to remove sanctions. not that they were working that well. and in exchange the iranians will promise -- i mean, you can't even say these words now. living in a surreal political
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environment. the final thing about the left, so there's in the goodness of human beings so government is a the solution, the statement people who oppose you are evil. the focus on an imaginary future instead of the real past and the real problems that we face. conservatives are very pragmatic people. democrats obviously are not can otherwise they never would've launched obamacare. and uncertain loyalty because your allegiance becomes this imaginary land, imaginary future, and juicier country in the negative terms. when i was getting out of the left people would say to me, how can you guys hate america so much? how do they hate america? that's because conservatives look, you know, we been i in the
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country or you've read about it. this is paradise compared to 99% of the world. but if you on the left, the you're a progressive or a liberal, you're not thinking about the real world. you forgot about south africa, which is not a destroyed country. you forget about south africa. so long as it's not a white person as the prime minister, you don't care about it anymore. but progressives, they're thinking about the imaginary kingdom, and compared to the paradise that progressives envision, hey, america is a bad place. after all, more poor people now than obama has been added. once per progressives get our once -- what it is a generalized
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poverty. that's what the experience of the soviet union should tell everybody. except we don't read about the soviet union anymore in our schools is our schools are run by the same leftists. the final characteristic of the left is its dishonesty. very important. i'm not talking about -- everybody as i say, you know, you tell fibs, you know, to make social things go more smoothly and so forth and so on. people spin, all politicians spin. obviously, conservative and republican liars as well. now, i'm talking about a trade, a dishonesty which is endemic of the left. if you're a leftist you're going to have to lie and you're going to have to live about very basic things like you can keep your health care when you can't. because if you told people what
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your agenda was, what your true beliefs were, you would think america is a bad country and needs to be taken down, and you're happy that we're no longer a significant world power, thanks to obama. in fact, you're mad at obama because he hasn't made us even less of a power. you're mad at him for conducting the drone killing. i don't think those drone killings, i'm good at telling people, as president has said, that's a character flaw. i don't ascribe that to his politics. blowing up, i mean, i don't need to distract myself on this one, but still the hypocrisy of it all. we want to close them on domino because -- guantánamo because we shouldn't be incarcerating people captured, a terrorist attacks against us in
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afghanistan without a trial. all, but the president can set there by himself and push a button and blow up whole families in pakistan because they are suspected terrorists. hypocrisy on the left. you cannot telegraph, you can't say which are agendas are because americans are still in a place where they would understand something is profoundly wrong if he did so and, therefore, they live and they lie all the time. they have to. if you're defending something where you can say well, look, you're a conservative and you said this work. no, this worked there, that's fine. if you have an imagined future which americans would be very suspicious of because they don't want to put their lives in the hands of the government
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entirely, then you have to deceive them about it. reception is what this whole -- deception is what this whole administration is about. i never thought i would reach a point in my lifetime where i thought we were close or could be close to a totalitarian or a one party state. where you could suppress any political opposition and just run it from then on, one party, however. if you are prepared to use the internal revenue service politically to punish your opponent, if you have in place a comprehensive state run health care system where you have access to the health information and economic information, financial information of every
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single american, and if you have a spy agency which is so, has such a super technology that they can read and listen in to every communication between individuals in the country, you do not need a secret police to destroy your opposition. you already have it in place. we have a president and we have a political party and the democratic party that has shown itself ready and willing to embrace this very system which could in our democracy overnight. that is -- that's the darkness i bring you. now, i never like to ruin people's lunches, although i always -- just finish of what i do is to depress you, let me leave you with one, return to
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harold macmillan's events with the most difficult thing because their unexpected. and tv this very brief story. in 1986 i was on a panel in paris organized by the committee of the free world where there's a meeting between the vietnamese and the french and the americans, and i was on a panel. it was called, the title of the panel was, or subject, is communism reversible? and none of us really thought it was. i gave a very gloom and doom speech based on everything i thought a new. and lo and behold a few years later it was gone. so don't underestimate the unexpected. if the american people, this is the people most likely to ever accept a totalitarian system, is a country of individuals, we
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don't trust our government. actually my son gave me a t-shirt. i love my country but i fear my government. that's the conservative motto. we have a country of millions and millions of people like that. i believe they're going to fail. i believe there's a tsunami coming in the next congressional election. the democrats are going to go down in flames if republicans can just keep you their hands of each other. thank you. [applause] >> okay, as we mentioned we do have time for some questions. there's a microphone stage right. and please feel free to come up and ask away.
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>> the term you used, the left, i prefer andrew breitbart sturm for that segment of society. he called it a democratic media complex. i like that because it brings to light the role media plays in perpetuating this worldview. and my question would be, do you have any thoughts about what we as individuals or in there is groups of which were a part can do to undermine the media's role in perpetuating this way of thinking? >> we have a site called truth revolt which is run by ben shapiro, also with breitbart. he works for me now, but he's got a foot in breitbart media complex. look, to me the most optimistic thing in the left, five or so
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years, has been the emergence of the tea party. when i came over from the left, the first thing i said is where's the ground war? where's the army? on the right there is none. i watch other comments progressive left i came out of active in the streets, we hated the democrats when we began. blew up their convention in 1968, but how that force move the democratic party's to the left until the democratic party now is really, it's run by the people who used to run the radical group of the '60s. although i once formulated a little different. i said the democratic party is a coalition of communism and crooks and that's where i would put the big governor of virginia, on the crooks side as opposed to the communist side.
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it's not that long ago when you would not have found three conservatives willing to march on washington. because they look at each other and say, what are we, collectivists? that's what they would say. and then, you know, we've added 100,000 conservatives marching on washington. it's a law of unintended consequences. the left is teaching conservatives how to actually fight. it's a very unconservative to want to get into a war in the political arena. because conservatives, we are profound believers in the constitutional framework, and what madison saw and what our founders saw was an asian where there are conflicting interests, self interests, and they have to be mediated and tamp down and we can't let anyone get on top of
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all the others. but we have a whole new situation where we have this ideologically driven movement that we have to face. so i can get involved in your tea party. >> the question i have, i since that the disastrous rollout of obamacare is different than the other obama's gals like benghazi, nsa, irs, because first, you have the president out there dozens of times in videotapes speaking to something that obviously is untrue. and second, if this impacts individual americans pocketbooks, they are losing their insurance, and for all of us, i know what my insurance is the next year, my health insurance and its up significantly. do you think the disastrous rollout of obamacare is a potential to harm the
10:49 am
administration more than the other scandals? >> if there is a god who intervenes in history, obamacare will destroy the democratic party for generations. [applause] >> to quote abraham lincoln quoting the bible, house divided against itself cannot stand but you understand this. they are ridiculing our cordless. what you see as the two or three most important core beliefs we need to be unified behind? >> i actually i've written about this, i wrot wrote a piece in te "national review" called uniting the right. the problem with the right is it's made up of conservatives, not disposed to fight a political war. the only times republicans show an appetite for blood in the
10:50 am
political arena is when they're fighting each other. it's true and it's sad. you can't galvanize a force capable of opposing these progressives who are religious, religious fanatics and they are driven, they have a passion. you can't do that without having a passionate cause yourself. we shouldn't be talking about the debt as though it's an accounting problem. the deficit, the debt, the trillions that obama is racking up. what is that? that's a dagger aimed at the next generations. their freedom. they are going to have to pay that debt. what does that do? it means they have to work more days out of the year for the government than for themselves.
10:51 am
every -- when you have to pay taxes, you just total of the number of days it takes to pay your tax. that's a form of indentured servitude. i, i would say slavery except slavery is much worse situation but indentured servitude is actually quite accurate. i think in politics you should probably use the emotional metaphor but i'm going to just say indentured servitude. everything the democrats to do is a threat to individual freedom. when they take people, categorize them by the color of their skin, democratic party is a racist party. progressives are racists. the civil rights act of the '60s eliminate it race from government and institutional regulations. the progressives, the democrats, jesse jackson and al sharpton
10:52 am
restored it. so now we have kids all over the country, doesn't matter where -- they can come from very wealthy parents and be very privileged but if the color of their skin is dark, they are going to get a privileged leg up in admissions policy and everything else. you can thank the left for the. we have to fight a moral crusade for the equality individuals before the law, before -- against making people more indentured to government than they already are. in fact, that's what the tax battle really is about. we should be cutting taxes by 25%, minimum. and that -- what does that mean? that means if you have -- you know, if you're working 180 days out of the year for the government, take a quarter a way i'm you're probably working 120.
10:53 am
you have 40 days of freedom for fat. our moral cause is freedom. and it should be inserted into every speech that every republican makes, every comment on any of these issues. what obamacare is about is taking away your freedom. don't -- you're not able to choose your doctor. you're not able to choose your plan. you're not able if you're young, in this war against young people, eat your young you don't need fancy medical insurance. you don't need pregnancy protections if you're a male. the government is now building all these things into these plans and you have to accept them. it's about freedom. it's about individual choice. that's what it's about and that's the way i would unify conservatives. >> people -- >> i think this has to be the last one.
10:54 am
[inaudible] >> that's all other speech. i wrote a book called "radical son" to actually this book -- advertise this book. this book has a chapter called -- [inaudible] which tells the story. that was i was introduced to the black panther party by hollywood producer. i raised a lot of money to buy a baptist church in east oakland, which was used to house a school for the panther children. i recruited -- i was editing the largest magazine of the left at the time. i recruited my book for the school because i believe our own propaganda. i thought the government would shut it down. and if you're a black radical
10:55 am
gangster, but you also portray itself as a progressive as huey newton, the panther later did, you're untouchable. and the panthers murdered this woman that i got to do the books and ended my career in the left. i didn't become a conservative for another seven years. i was -- it really took my life apart. i felt guilty about having recruited her. and my world was shattered and understood that not only what i thought were my political allies were murderers and murdered a lot of people also in this book, in "radical son." but all my friends were a danger to me. because if i -- if i said that i thought that they murdered this woman, they would have attacked me as the cia racist.
10:56 am
so it was a very unpleasant experience, but it motivated the next half of my life. that was 40 years ago. i spent the rest of my life atoning for what i did as a radical, for what i was a part of. that's what you see today. otherwise i would have -- [inaudible] >> david, thank you so much. everybody, let's give david another round of applause. [applause] >> thank you all for coming today. i'd like to remind you that books are available for purchase and custom signature in the lobby. and for those of you who pre-purchase your books, they are out there waiting for you. thank you.
10:57 am
this includes a program. please come to our next event when it happens next. thank you. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> is there a nonfiction author or book you would like to see featured on booktv? send us an e-mail at the or tweet us at >> on many campuses young women are taught they live in a patriarchal oppressive society where girls are shortchanged in schools, robbed of their self-esteem and adolescents and then channeled into low-paying fields. once in the workplace they are cheated out of 25% of the salary. they face invisible barriers, and all sorts of forces that
10:58 am
hold him down and get them back, keep them out of the high echelons of power. this picture, this doesn't fit reality. it's distorted. the false claims that support it have been repeated so many times they have taken on this or of truth spent her critiques a late 20th century feminism and fitness and condemned the american culture has left codex delivers antifeminist or today on in depth your questions -- your questions live for three us begin at noon eastern and looking ahead to the new year on in depth join mark within january 5. booktv's "in depth" the first sunday of every month on c-span2. >> up next on booktv, "after words." this week larry sabato on his new book content.
10:59 am
the university junior politics professor explores the legacy of the kennedy administration noting how each successive present has used jfk's record an image to further his own agenda. the program is about one hour. >> host: larry, "the kennedy half century" is a marvelous achievement. congratulations. >> guest: thank you. >> host: where were you on november 22, 1963? >> guest: i was 11, in catholic elementary school, sixth grade. i had a wonderful sister, sister robert merrion, and sometime in the early afternoon a knock at the door came. that was rare get back in those days you are not interrupted in class. she went to the door. i heard her gasp and she placed her hand up against her chest. she came back to the class and she said, students, i have terrible news. president kennedy has been shot but he is still alive.
11:00 am
take out your rosaries and let's pray for the president. .. a friend of mine was plenty of his locker for the weekend because the next week was thanksgiving. the odd thing is -- a guess you'd have to be in catholic school at the time to understand remember saying to my friend, he is the only catholic ever elected president and did not t

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